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Do you live In Luton or its environs and are looking to hire the best Luton electricians around? At First Call emergency, we provide high-quality services in Luton. We are a team of professionals working together to make your home and office more habitable. Our electricians are vetted through a rigorous exercise to ensure we have professional and reputable people in our team. Further, our team is made up of highly trained and experienced personnel living in the neighborhood. You, therefore, do not have to worry at all.

Why we are your best choice for Local Luton Electricians

At First Call Emergency, we believe in excellence, and we are always training our professional teams on the newest trends in the market. Additionally, our electricians are certified and equipped with good customer relationship skills to enhance their communication with you. Additionally, we do not have any hidden fees, but we may require you to pay a deposit amount to facilitate the purchase of the required items. This goes for both repairs as well as new installations. Regardless, our payment terms and price scheme is considered among the best in Luton and its environs. Further, our electricians are diligent, and we are certain they will deliver top-of-the-class electrical installation and repair services whenever needed.


  • 24/7 Services – Luton Electricians
  • Experienced Technicians
  • Competitive Rates Luton Electricians

First Call Emergency teams are always available to help you out. We remain committed to delivering services in all emergencies regardless of the time of the day or any other issues. Our use of local professionals has enabled us to gain a significant advantage and maintain our call lines open for 24 hours each day of the week. We, therefore, guarantee that each one of your emergency calls will be answered and an electrician sent to your residence or office in the shortest time possible.

In addition to the repair and installation services, First Call Emergency may also help you acquire the necessary equipment and materials for use with your project. This removes all the worry from you and gives you time to concentrate on more important matters. Except for such a case, all other payments for our services are made after our technicians have completed the work.


 Quality can only be guaranteed if the technicians have the required level of expertise and adequate experience to handle your job. Therefore, unlike other companies, we subject our technicians to rigorous exercise and go a step further to verify their academic documents to minimize fraud and impersonation, among other things.


First call emergency is revered as one of the most affordable electrical installation and repair service providers. We offer you competitive rates that none of our competitors can match. We have even reviewed our pricing mechanisms to help people cope with the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps this is the best time to call us and get a free quote if there is a project you have been contemplating finishing. If that’s your case or if you have any inquiries, reach us through the toll-free customer service line on 00800 327 7072 or use this form instead.  


We Provide Expert Professional Local Electrician in Luton

Luton is one of the best places to live in the UK. But getting a well-trusted electrician in Luton could become an issue. But don’t worry; First Call Emergency has you in mind.

First Call Emergency is a UK based installation and electrical company. Besides, we have professionals for electrical installation and equipment maintenance. Most importantly, we offer 24/7 reliable and professional electricians to Luton residents.

First call emergency provides information and resources for you to decide on the best services possible.

Why should you choose a reliable Electrician?

Properly-installed electrical equipment could reduce the possibility of hazards. So, it is ideal for getting an electrician that has the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience.

Below are the reasons to always choose a reliable electrician:

  • Their work undergoes assessment regularly
  • The UK government regulates them
  • They’re insured thereby getting you protected
  • They maintain safety standards

Where to Find the Best Electrician in Luton?

It is not easy to carry out any electrical work at home because of the dangers involved. Therefore, you should hire someone equal to the task. You can find the Best Electrician in Luton through First Call Emergency. As expected, you can always trust us to get your job done.

First Call Emergency Goal for Luton Residents

Customer satisfaction is the goal of First Call Emergency. We are one of the leaders in property maintenance services with a 24/7 availability. Thus, you’ll get a rapid response to your emergency call-outs. Most importantly, this company provides free consultation and quotation to homes and companies all over the UK.

Benefits of Getting Electricians from First Call Emergency

High-quality Service: First call emergency provides prompt, coordinated, and efficient service to customers.

Full public liability insurance: With this, you’ll be protected against damages and losses.

Competitive local rates: First call emergency prices are the same as other competitors

Quick Response: We respond speedily to fix, replace, and install equipment whenever the need arises. Of course, we are available 24 hours and operate seven days a week.

Payment after completion: At First Call Emergency, you pay whenever your job is completed. Sometimes they accept part payments in advance. Our services are quite affordable for your maintenance needs.

Free quotations: You will be provided with free quotes without any obligation.

Certified electricians: All first call emergency electricians are highly skilled and certified to satisfy customers. No matter your maintenance needs, you’ll get reliable, efficient, and good quality service.

Services Offered by First Call Emergency Electricians in Luton

The following are some of the services you get from our professionals:

  • Local PAT Testing
  • Garage electrics
  • Installing spotlights
  • Rewiring
  • Fuse box repair
  • Devices installation and repairs

First Call Emergency Contact

If you are in Luton, call us at 08003277072. Of course, we have a state of the art operational call center to respond to you. Again, we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so, we are ready to meet you at your convenience.

It is worth mentioning that we allow customers to talk to experts at any time. So, when you call, your calls are automatically transferred to an engineer close to your area. From there, you’ll get the best service possible.


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Your Local Luton Electricians

Quick Response

We respond rapidly to fix, replace and install your units when required 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No Hidden Charges

We will never charge you a call-out fee or any other hidden charges.

Payment after Completion

You only pay us when your job is completd.
Deposit for parts may be needed in advance in some instances.

Certified Electricians

We provide you with highly skilled and Certified Electricians in your local area.

No Call-Out Charges

Full Public Liability Insurance

Competitive Local Rates

Local PAT Testing Experts

Solutions Our Local Electricians Provide

Electrical Installation

When our professional electricians install a new electrical fitting or fixture in your home, they follow the rules of safety and proficiencyOur electricians provide their servicesOn the same day, you call.

All Electrical Repairs

For rewiring premises or repairing any electrical units and light switches.Our professional electricians resolve your electrical problem safely and providing 24/7 service on as soon as possible basis

PAT Testing

In your commercial or home premisesour electricians carry out all forms of lectrical testing to ensure the safety of all appliances and provide you PATcertificate.

Fault Identifying

Our professional electricians are highly skilled and well trained to find out electrical fault which cause problems. They will guide you and solve the problem using their skills.

Devices Installation and Repair

Our electricians install new or repairold lights, fans, CCTV cameras,spotlights and security lights.We provide emergency lighting services on customer’s demand.

Safety Parameters

Our electricians can perform an that your electrical appliances electrical safety test to ensure and fittings have the relevant safety certificate.

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